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Mobile Phone Cipher Communication System
Safe cellphone call against the danger of wiretapping or interceptionIt is not enough for the staffs of important confidential affairs to emphasize the importance of communication security. Media reports recently expressed the warning and concern of the possibility that indiscreet wiretapping of mobile phone can be realistically spread in general public. It is recommended for both parties of communication of corporations, government agencies, local government, election camps and so forth to keep the regulation of communication, using Voice Keeper Cipher Communication system at the calls of important confidential affairs, although it is a bit inconvenient. Messages cant be deciphered by wiretapping due to transmission of words converted to inaudible noise.

Please keep the thorough security, since this project is an important issue of our company.

Listening to the original voice
Listening to the voice in cipher
Listening to the restored voice
Examples of corporate cipher communication network ith Voice Keeper

Both callers should have VoiceKeeper to use, and only person to person cipher call is available. (3 parties conference call is not possible)

Vice President
Administration Manager of Invested Corporation
Director of Corporate Sales and Marketing Division
Manager of Information Department
Manager of Legal Department
Manager of Human Resources Management Department
Manager of Fund Management Department
Director of Management Strategy Bureau
Director of Technology Research Center
Executive Director
Managing Director

Technology in Possession

Technology Principal Technological Contents Remarks
ASIC Design Technology Multimedia ASIC design specialty - Design of SoC (System on Chip) semiconductor - Design of 3 dimensional image processor - Exchange technology of time and frequency element of Voiceprint (the first commercialization in the world) ASIC applied modules-wired or wireless communication devices - Bluetooth ? arphones- hands-free sets - two-way radio
Voice Processing Technology Advanced Scrambling Processor Technology Hybrid Technology of analog & igital voice processing technique. One Chip Solution (Low-power, low cost, compact, high speed and real-time processing). Domestic and international patent (MDP2) pending Perfect prevention from wiretapping and interception at wired or wireless communication network by converting voice to inaudible noise.
Patent Pending Title: Voice Cipher Communication Apparatus and Its Control Method ? Patent Application Number: 2008-0089062 ? Date of Application: September 10, 2008 Applied for the patent in S. Korea
Transmission of voice converted to the inaudible analog noise

Applicable to all sorts of wired or wireless phones. Advanced Scramble technology by automatic key exchange VoiceKeeper is not related to the communication policy control of government.
VoiceKeeper is applicable to all kinds of wired/wireless phones and voice communication device regardless of communication networks, due to its analog type operation of incoming and transmission signal. VoiceKeeper converts voice to inaudible analog noise by MDP2 technology through network, and the converted voice is restored to the original one at the opponents phone equipped with another VoiceKeeper. The contents of phone talks can not be decrypted between the section of the phones equipped with the product. Besides, there is no time delay due to such a scramble processing. VoiceKeeper is not connected to the communication policy control, since it is simply a voice processing device and does not affect to network such as the increase of bandwidth. It does not rely on communication wire or transmission network of mobile communication companies with regard to service or technology
It is not obliged to submit the key information regarding the unique encryption system of VoiceKeeper, since it is not related with the communication control of government. Therefore none can recognize the encrypted key, and no back door for hacking can be available.

Technology Technology Method Advantage Weakness Remarks
Conventional Analog Scrambler Method of the technology is to apply scramble technique by forming random numbers, and to generate the undecipherable analog signal by altering and exchanging the amplitude at time element of voice signal or frequency band. High technology is not required. It is applicable to various analog voice communication equipment As for the existing analog scramble method, a part of voice is still remained to hear after security process depending on the residual intelligibility.
In case that cipher degree is increased too high, no one can understand the words due to the distorted voice. (It is caused by the fact that high frequency element is generated at the security process, so that it can not be transmitted to communication network.)
In the past, it has been used partly for the special tasks of national agencies such as security. But it is no longer used due to the phenomenon of analog residual intelligibility.
Digital Encryption Device Support and cooperation of communication companies such as the change of fixed phone switchboard or mobile phone base station, must be required, as it is the technology to cipher voice signal to digital sign. Implementation of TeleSecurity is simple and easy after the digital encoding process Method of digital encryption can be applied only between digital mobile phone, and can not be used at analog wire phone and international calls.
Besides, the whole encryption system must be submitted to government agency according to communication control policy of government.
Security weakness occurs: If someone can understand the encryption system, decryption can be done easily.
In South Korea, the government permitted communication business companies the TeleSecurity optional service in January 2007.
This is contradictory to the past announcement by Ministry of Information and Communication ? CDMA network can not be tapped.
Frequency Scrambler Method of technology that makes difficult to tap voice signal by changing continuously carrier wave frequency during phone calls. It is the difficult technical method to be implemented except government agencies It can be only applied to mobile communication, and requires expensive high frequency replacing equipment, and large scale frequency resource should be allocated to replace continuously frequency. It is intended only for government agencies, and hard to be used for private level.
Descrambler can be purchased on the market
Voice-Keeper (Advanced Voice Scrambler) We have achieved the new paradigm of TeleSecurity technology by successful commercialization of the first Multiple Dynamic Phase Processing technology in the world.
Perfect confidentiality of voice call is available through realizing and commercializing the innovative technology of analog scramble with the technique of dynamic key forming and automatic key exchange that is frequency element exchange technology of voiceprint.
It is applicable to all kinds of networks and voice communication apparatus, enabling safe confidentiality of calls against any hacking attempts such as Back Door or Trap Door at the sector of communication network.
Voice signal processing technology of VoiceKeeper is unique.
Voiceprint scramble technique (MDP2) is the high leveled and innovative technology, and it requires the advance original technique to restore voice input signal to quality voice from analog signal output after scramble processing.
It is applicable to various wire and wireless communication devices.
As for providing services, it is irrelevant to the communication control policy of government, and does not require any support from telecommunication companies.
Voice data communication through VoiceKeeper is safe. Get ready it right now.

VoiceKeeper stores the highly integrated cipher technology in a semiconductor chip (9mm x 9mm). Perfect telecommunication security is available by VoiceKeeper, which has been developed and manufactured by technology of IT power Korea and exported to the global markets.

Applicable Fields of VoiceKeeper

State agencies where major policies are discussed and determined.
Judicial authorities such as prosecution, police and so forth that have investigation right, where communication security is required for work   performance.
Election camps which perform election campaign against competitors, such as Presidential election, general election, municipal election, union election an   so on.
Lawyers and clients with ongoing litigation
CEO, key executives, development department, sales and planning department of companies with possibility of damage by industrial espionage.   Business sectors that require business confidentiality
Government officers, attorneys, lobbyists, politicians, diplomats, military officers, police officers and so forth, who handle confidential   information
CEO of local government, and departments related to audit, urban development, various crackdowns and communication.
Members of congress and representatives of local councils on legislative activities
Board of elections that require confidentiality of crackdown information
Government agencies and corporations that have frequent overseas calls

Contents of Package

Package of VoiceKeeper Product
Reserved Earphone of VoiceKeeper
Mobile phone connecting cable (for integrated 20 pin, and iPhone)
USB Cable + Charger
Users Manual

Sequence of Cipher Call

Mobile phone

Start the regular call at the state of connecting FSM-1000 cipher device and mobile phone.
Turn on the power of cipher device, and green LED is lit.

When both callers press the cipher button once, the red LED and green one will be lit alternately searching for signal for around 3 ~ 4 seconds.

LED of cipher device is fixed in blue color, when cipher call is connected successfully.

You can communicate the cipher call at this state. * Normal call is available without turning on the power of cipher device at regular calls.

Service subscription procedure is not necessary for VoiceKeeper, and no power of mobile phone is consumed, since it uses its own power. Indicated price is the value of 1 unit, and 2 units (for a caller and the opponent) of VoiceKeeper for cipher call communication. 3 units are required for 3 callers, and 30 units for 30 persons. (But house equipment in a company can be shared, as the new code is generated automatically at each exchange of signal.)

VoiceKeeper products for domestic sale are adjusted to meet the smooth signal exchange and call at the latest mobile phones such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Pantech and affiliated products (products adopting integrated 20Pin earphone terminal), and such smart phones as Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung T Omnia 2 and so forth. Therefore please make sure if your mobile phone is suitable for the above environment.

Worlds best cipher communication technology has been successfully commercialized by a company in South Korea - IT power in the world.
Mobile Phone Scrambler - FSM-1000