Self-defense device


Portable safety and self-defense device-MAGMA
Product outline
MAGMA is a portable self-defense device that will ensure your safety.
Product features
MAGMA is worlds first multi-functional self-defense device. It is equipped with zoom light, strong pepper spray, gas gun and sensor alarm that can also act as a portable alarm system.

When exposed to possible risks posed by burglary, mugging, stalkers and others, the three functions are activated simultaneously to protect its user. The device is a necessity especially during late night meetings and out of town travels.
- Size: Width 51m/m *Length 110m/m *Thickness 25m/m-28m/m - cell phone size
- Material: *Aluminum alloy die-casting body *Engineered plastic *Micom circuit-electric sensor
- Temperature: -10 - 40*Weight: 165g*Lifespan: Semi permanent
- Surface: Environmentally friendly "titanium" - double ion plating
3-type self protection system

1) LED search light (light adjustable lens)
- DIM and BRIGHT searchlight function - Power (4.5v alkaline COIN CELL): 1.5V * 3 units
- Battery specification: LR 44 / AG13 / LR1154 / 357A / A76 / S76
- Battery: Exchangeable - Period: More than 6 months - Continuous use: Approximately 3 hours
2) Pepper Gas sprayer
- Gas: liquid gas - compression pump spray
- Contains causative cough agent
- Effect : Target will not be able to open eyes and will cough incessantly for 10-30 minutes when sprayed on face
- Amount: 15ml - Max firing limit: 20 times
- Firing distance: 5m- Gas fired amount
- Displayed ( R. 5. 10. 15/Ex. 5 refers to 5 firings)
- Distance adjustment mode: Long distance:5m / Short distance:2m

- Secret lock mode: OFF - Double safety lock
- Night-focus lighting function: searchlight beam for subject within 3m
- Electronic display window to check gas amount
- Cough gas: Self refill method
- Countermeasure : Escape the location before gas gun target recovers.

Cough gas- Refill system: Refill when R is displayed after gas has been fully used Purchase refill cartridge

3) Sensor alarm : Alarm sounds when motion or shock is detected by the sensor
- Micom circuit. - Reverse voltage protection circuit. - Alarm sound : 125 db
- 2-color sensor operation alarm display light
- Battery: Exchangeable - Battery usage period : 30 minutes
- Power : 1.5V* 3 alkaline COIN CELL - Battery size: LR 44 /AG13/ LR1154/ 357A/ A76/ S76

(1) Alarm :
- Sounds alarm for help when the user is in danger.
(2) Burglar alarm :
- Burglar alarm during business travel and family travel

>> Burglar alarm sounds after sensor detection
(3) Portable alarm: Alarm against burglar :
- The alarm can be attached to windows and doors of unsafe buildings.. Sensor will detect movement and sound alarm.

>> Security alarm
Use - Dim light function- emergency portable light, for night walking, camping, mountain climbing, fishing and other purposes
- Bright light search function: view distant object, protection lighting (warning and focusing)
- The alarm can be attached to windows and doors of unsafe buildings.. Sensor will detect movement and sound alarm.
Major uses - Self-defense/ protection / patrol / gadget for leisure activities
: personal protection for finances,, gifts, homes, cars, shops, during leisure activities, camping, etc
composition(Optional accessories)
: Device + hard case + authentic leather case for belts + clothing pouch + rubber hanger + user manual + box

Product functions / Names of individual parts
- Awarded silver medal in Nuremburg exhibition of inventions, one of most famous three exhibitions held in Germany.