iPhone Case


The only iPhone Case with fun and character!
PLAYHELLO iShoes is shoe type phone case only for iPhone.

With various knotting methods, it can express users personality and wit as well as it protects the phone. 100% natural silicon material gives good grip and it is possible to use the phone connected with Dock conveniently wearing case the case.
Delicate design makes it easy and convenient to connect cables and use keypad quipped with iShoes.
High quality natural silicon material protects iPhone from contamination, shock and scratch.
It has excellent sense of unity and gives satisfactory grip when holding it with one hand as it is designed to express the style of the phone itself

Only my personality by cool sport shoes style!

iShoes case knotting method is infinite.
Make the only iPhone case of you in the world by developing various knotting methods.
Two colorful strings only for iShoes are provided.

If using the stopper provided with iShoes case, you can make various expressions.
Express it with your own method
Color option
iShoes Case in 6 colors!

Select the color harmonized with my iPhone.
Stopper / iShoes exclusive string 2 pcs / iShoes case

Material: Silicon
* Color may vary by users monitor condition.
iPhone Case - iShoes
iPhone Case - iShoes
iPhone Case - iShoes
iPhone Case - iShoes
iPhone Case - iShoes