Caller ID Telephone Recorder


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A very convenient telephone recorder that can record telephone conversations without a PC FSC-1000

Now, meet a hassle-free telephone recorder that does not require a PC! You can record a telephone conversation without buying a high priced recording server, and can also easily transfer the recorded data.

Automatic (manual) phone recording function, caller ID function, convenient file search function,mobile phone recording function, surrounding sound recording function, convenient data management function,remaining recording time checking function, repeated playback and high- speed search function, delete file function, firmware upgrade function

Important Features
Just pick up the handset, please.

Super-easy Automatic Recording Function
Recording starts when you pick up the handset and ends when you hang up the phone and the recording in saved. You can playback and hear the recording file immediately on the internal speaker or an earphone. You can choose the manual recording mode and record conversations you opt based on the situation

When you pick up the phone, the recording starts immediately requiring no additional operation. You can confirm that the recording is underway by looking at the LED light on that switches on.

Caller ID Function
If the caller subscribed the caller ID (CID) service, you can see the caller information such as phone number, callers name (or trade name), etc., like you do with your mobile phone after you stored the information of your acquaintances or business contacts in the phone book, etc. according to the user manual.

Convenient File Search Function
Since the recording file contains the information such as call start time (in year, month, date, hour, minute and second), callers phone number, callers name (or trade name), you can search the recording file very fast and easily.

Mobile Phone Recording Function
Not to mention, in addition to calls on fixed-line services like KT telephone service, internet phones, key phones, etc., you can easily record mobile phone calls using an ear microphone.

Recording Surrounding Sounds
Besides call recording, you can record conversations within a radius of 5 meters from the FSC-1000 using an external amplifier microphone. You can use the FSC-1000 for recording business talks with visitors in the office, meetings, conferences, etc. without buying an external recorder.

Convenient Data Management Function
You can easily transfer the recorded MP3 sound source stored in the SD Card for replay or backup purpose. With a 2GB SD Card coming in the standard package offers you with a recording capacity of about 47 hours and maximum 2,000 recording files. And after you make a back up file for the bugged recording data in the hard disk, you can continue to use the SD Card after initialization of the card to get more memory space.

Remaining Recording Time Checking Function
When you press the playback button during recording, the remaining time for recording is displayed by calculating the available memory capacity.

Repeated Playback and High-speed Search Function
You can listen to the pre-chosen portion of the recorded file infinitely, and can also do a high-speed search for the portion in the file you want to listen to during the playback.

Delete File Function
You can easily delete unnecessary recorded files after you finish listening.

Firmware Upgrade Function If you need a functional upgrade, you can easily do it by copying the firmware upgrade file in the SD Card and insert it into the card slot in the product.

Applications for the FSC-1000 Telephone Recorder
Important jobs over the phone, phone meetings, phone business talks.
Oral contracts and important promises made during conversations.
Phone conversations that may cause a legal conflict.
Important phone conversations with institutes, persons and companies who may have bugging devices and/or may intend to bug the conversation.
Recording phone conversations for lectures, for example, one-on-one foreign language lectures.
Bugged recording to be used during legal actions against unexpected incidents such as phone frauds, voice fishing, stalking, etc.
Job-related recording in the office for business talks, meetings, conferences, contract discussions, etc., using the surrounding sounds recording function.
Various kinds of institutes and companies that lack a recording server.
Professional offices such as lawyers, doctors, judicial scriveners, reporters, real estate agents, etc.
Anybody else including individuals, homes, etc., who need phone recording.

Alas! I need to record a phone call in the situation like this but I dont have a recorder!!"
Have you experienced a situation like this ? Get prepared in advance. A phone recorder is anecessity for business.

A Strong Guardian Right Next To Me.
FSC-1000 Phone Recorder

Product Contents
Product Main Body
Packaging Box
Stereo Earphone
User manual
DC Adaptor
Phone Cable
Handset Cable
SD Card
SD Card Reader
Microphone for External Recording
Ear Microphone for Mobile Phone Recording

Product Specifications
Recording Hours
1GB about 23.5 hrs
2GB about 47 hrs
4GB about 95 hrs
Max. No. of Recording Files 2000
External Dimension 556090(mm)
Weight 200g
Input Voltage Over DC 5V / 500mA
Recording Media SD Memory Card
Speaker Output 500mW
Frequency Range 40Hz ~ 20,000Hz
Input Terminal / Jacks Telephone Line / Handset Line / 3.5 PI Line-in
Earphone Earphone Jack 3.5 PI Stereo
Speaker 30mm 1W
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40
Accessories Stereo Earphone, DC Adaptor, Phone Cable,Handset Cable,
SD Card(2GB), SD Card Reader, Microphone for External Recording,
Ear Microphone for Mobile Phone Recording
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000
Caller ID Telephone Recorder - FSC-1000